I am a musician, photographer, illustrator, and animator. Dedicated to producing work that is both fun and relevant, I am lucky to have garnered a reputation for my unique style, sensibility, and proficiency.

You might know my music or photos by my public nom de plume, ipaghost ( /ˈaɪˌpə.goʊst/ ), or you might also be familiar with some of the projects or products I’ve been involved with. What you might not know, however, is that I’m for hire!

Contact me now for availability and to schedule a consultation.

Originally from Louisville KY, I earned my BFA in Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh PA, specializing in electronic media and printmaking.

I currently reside in the windy Chicago IL, where I have worked primarily as a freelancer since 2004.



Composing since 1993, my work has been selected for compilations by labels such as Ego Twister, GOZombie, and Candy Mind. My work can also be found in award winning toys, video games, and interactive media, including the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award for my audio design work on IZ by Zizzle LLC. Currently I am the Lead Sound Engineer at Hitpoint Studios, and working on 2 successfully ranked Windows 8 games: Adera and Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures.

My personal work is known for it’s eclectic mix of genres and samples; my music keeps listeners on their toes while maintaining a mischievous tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. Throw in extremely catchy melodies, glitched rhythms and hallucinatory signal processing chains and you have the earmarks of an ipa track. My back catalog is currently free to the public for listening and available for licensing- I offer free use of my music for select independent projects. Please contact me for licensing and commissions.


I have been exploring film photography since the late 90’s, but developed my signature style in 2009 using a digital SLR camera and portable strobe lighting. This combination has allowed me to capture people and animals in casual situations using light more common with studio photography.

I have since photographed thousands of people as well as animals, landscapes and merchandise using lightbox techniques as well as models. I love portrait photography- this combined with my very compact studio setup has afforded me unique opportunities for capturing candid personality within the context of well-lit, professional technique.

My work has been used for publicity and promotion, having been published in the Chicago Sun-Times on more than one occasion as well as the cover of Real Change News in Seattle, Chicago’s Loud Loop Press, the A.V. Club, the Chicago Maroon, and Don’t Panic UK.

2D/3D Arts

I’ve received awards for my animation work and am skilled at branding and marketing businesses using custom web design and illustration. My personal style is clever, visionary, and skillful, and totally adaptable to your needs and ideas.

Notable clients

  • Disney
  • Microsoft
  • Hitpoint Studios
  • Big Monster Toys, LLC.
  • Mattel, Inc
  • The Willy Wonka Candy Company
  • Unilever
  • Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A.
  • Manga Entertainment Inc.
  • Cut&Paste
  • Zizzle, LLC
  • Major League Gaming AMBI, LLC
  • WoodPenny
  • Cindy Gallop
  • Paul Hake Productions, LLC